About us


In our fast-paced world finding the perfect balance and the time to be creative is at the top of most of our do lists, but this goal is seldom achieved! We often find that even if there is time to be creative, we don’t have the necessary supplies which we need to complete the project.


At Art Stash we believe that everyone deserves to be happy and that happiness requires creativity. We understand that finding the time to be creative is only half the battle and actually having the necessary supplies is just as important.


Each box you receive from Art Stash will contain a specifically selected range of the best quality art and craft products to inspire your creativity and ensure that you have a great range of art and craft supplies to reach your goal and achieve your creative balance. You can choose to order the box when you feel like it so that you are continually inspired. Each box contains a step by step project tutorial or you can simply use the products for your own unique creations. We also encourage you to join our art stash community and share your creations @artstashau.

Inspire. Create. Share. Be Happy!

Why Order?

We all have an innate desire to be creative, to express ourselves in our own unique way. It turns out that tapping in to that creative energy can actually improve your overall health. Finding time to be creative, being inspired and most importantly having the necessary supplies can be tricky. That is exactly why we have developed Art Stash! 


There is an ongoing amount of new research establishing that participating in creative activities increases brain function, reduces stress, and improves overall mental and physical health. In a world with vast amounts of technological temptations, the need to get back to basics and explore your creative side is becoming increasingly important. Art Stash aims to make this possible. 


Each box contains a surprise collection of premium quality art supplies, specially selected by our creative team, to provide the inspiration and the tools you need to get started. You will also receive a step by step project sheet which you can follow or simply create your own unique project.

How it works?

Step 01

Order one of the following specially curated boxes:

Oil Painting
Hand Lettering 
Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Ink Pouring
llustration Sketching 
Kids Art & Craft


Make the project

We provide a project sheet for each box which you can follow, or use the supplies in your box for your own unique creations.


Join the community

Follow us on social media and share your artwork using the hashtag #artstashau @artstashau